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Visit to „The Other Song“ Academy in Mumbai

Back to India after 24 years, everybody had told me how India had changed completely, but the first breath outside the airport at midnight gives me the cosy, warm feeling with the unmistakable smell of India. Picked up from the Hotelservice we reach the hotel after 15 minutes, near Juhu beach and „The Other Song“.

This time I have my family with me to give them the experience of India and we take our time to visit all the homeopaths I had studied with between 1990 and 1992. This takes us all the way South. Finally we spend two days in Mumbai and I take the chance to visit the Academy.

1990: in a room of maybe 10 square meters 20 to 30 students are crowded up to watch Dr. Rajan Sankaran take one case after the other. Often 10-15 minutes must be enough to understand the patient and find an accurate prescription. That was the outpatients department, part of the Shree Mumbadevi homeopathic hospital where Dr. Rajan Sankaran was treating patients twice a week.

2017: We find ourselves in a modern, well equipped auditory, where we can watch the case taking live on big screens. Within one forenoon I get to see two new cases taken live by Dr. Rajan Sankaran. Shortly after finishing, Dr. Rajan Sankaran comes in, explains the case and the way to the prescription. After each case I wonder where the sensation had shown and once more I am surprised how clearly Dr. Rajan Sankaran analyses the cases, works out the relevant rubrics and makes the sensation evident. Exactly as he described it in his book Synergy.

The Academy „The Other Song“ is located over two floors of the top of a high building near Juhu Beach, with a breath taking view over Mumbai. A Center like this, equipped with everything needed to teach and so many highly qualified teachers is probably unique. There are teachers with various approaches and different styles of homeopathic practice as well as other aspects like yoga, meditation, physiotherapy, counselling and nutrition included,
just to mention some of them like Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Dr. Jayesh Shah, Dr. Sujit Chatterjee, Dr. Mahesh Gandhi, Dr. Paresh Vasani, Dr. Dinesh Chauhan and many others.

I meet students from Italy, Rumania and other contries. A group from Italy is taking advantage of the provided installation for simultaneous translation. In the break we can relax and chat on the terrace before the Indian heat takes over.

I dive back into the world Indias, find my way through traffic, sounds, odors, colors and abundance of impressions. My family is waiting with friends so I have to go back, but I know it won’t take another 24 years for me to return.

If I had the time and freedom I had 27 years ago, I would again buy a one way ticket to India and dive into the adventure of learning the other song of homeopathy in Mumbai. A room near Juhu Beach, morning walks on the beach, drinking coconuts and eating masala dosa for breakfast and from time to time hopping on a train or bus to discover new areas of India. It’s true, Mumbai is loud, full of traffic and everything you can or can’t imagine, but if you dive into it, there are many nice places and people to discover.

The Other Song: International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy