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Further Development of Homeopathy / Sensation Method / organic compounds

The last 30 years homeopathy has seen a huge development enabled by the cooperation of many homeopaths. Networking through the internet and the worldwide growing interest in homeopathy have brought a faster exchange of ideas and discoveries, and promoted further development and trial. There are provings of many new remedies. Jeremy Sherr has been pioneering by his provings of high quality and has put a standard with his book „Dynamics and Methodology of Homeopathic Provings“.

Development of specific software has enabled to understand the diversity of remedies in new coherences. An understanding for families of remedies has crystallised. It showed that remedies of the same plant family or the same animal family have many commonalities (Sankaran, Mangialavori). Jan Scholten discovered that mineral remedies can be understood by their position in the periodic table of elements. This idea was developed further by Sankaran and others.

The Sensation Method

Rajan Sankaran discovered that the state of a patient can be understood best by his vital sensation. This sensation characterizes our behavior and our life like another song within us. Even before these discoveries the aim of the homeopathic treatment was to understand the underlying state of the patient and to give the remedy according to it. The innovation of the sensation method is the differentiated understanding of the levels of experience and of the remedy families, as well as the path to get to the vital sensation and it‘s corresponding remedy

The sensation method is based on the principles of classical homeopathy and requires a reliable application of them. It‘s an extension and deepening of the understanding of homeopathy. The difference in it‘s application is mainly the further exploration of central symptoms to the vital sensation and the application of a bigger range of remedies. Through the understanding of the coherences within the remedy families it get‘s possible to prescribe more precisely

Superclasses in Homeopathy - Review of the book of Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Links to the Sensation Method of Dr. Rajan Sankaran

„The Other Song“ A visit to the Academy of Dr. Rajan Sankaran in Mumbai

Organic compounds and hydrocarbons in Homeopathy

A much underestimated Group of remedies are the organic compounds, including the hydrocarbons. On first sight the subject might look dry, but that‘s a deception. Highly explosives like nitroglycerine and TNT belong to this group aswell as substances of our daily life like plastic, fuel, solvents, food additives, colorants, textiles etc. etc.

Many of these Substances are highly toxic and get deposited in our body. They are also found in mother‘s milk. We get exposed to a constantly increasing number of these substances, for continously new ones are getting invented. The toxicity only get‘s known after years if at all. So we can anticipate that these remedies have an increasing importance in homeopathy aswell.

The explosive increase and expansion of these substances began with the excessive exploitation of oil since the second half of the nineteenth century. With the refining of the hydrocarbons more and more substances got discoverd and made available.

In homeopathy some remedies of this group are known (like glonoinum, petroleum etc. ) but many are not or only partially proved. Roger Morrison has written a great book about this group of remedies and gives a fundamental introduction into the understanding of organic remedies. He shows their common themes and remedy pictures and stimulates to research deeper in this field, fore many of these substances have been hardly explored.


The other Song, Rajan Sankaran

Carbon, Roger Morrison