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Image courtesy of U.S. Geological Survey

Image courtesy of U.S. Geological Survey.
Burnout and Homeopathy

To make it clear: there is no „Burnout Remedy“ as such! Only if the remedy matches exactly the state of the patient it will be able to change the experience and suffering of the patient so he can find out of the crisis.

There’s a group of remedies that show many burnout symptoms. These are the Carbon Compounds and Hydrocarbons. Some of them are well known for their state of utter prostration, the acids (for example Phosphoricum acidum, Picricum acidum, Sulphuricum acidum). The main theme of the acids is struggle followed by collapse.

The carbon remedies Carbo vegetabilis and Carbon animalis also show great exhaustion up to collapse. In Carbo veg. it’s usually accompanied by suffocation or oppression. That is not surprising considering how charcoal is produced: Wood is burnt without letting air come in until all volatile substances are gone.

Most Organic compounds are made from crude oil, petroleum. Many remedies made from petroleum products show symptoms of achievement, profit, exploration and worthlessness. In the beginning there is big effectiveness followed by weakness, confusion and decay. This isn’t surprising when we consider what petroleum means to us. Quick endless energy resources in the beginning, the big money, power und when the resource dries out there remains emptiness, destruction and worthlessness.

Unfortunately there are only very few good provings of petroleum remedies and even less to find in our repertories. They can only be used with explicit knowledge of the source.

For example there is an excellent proving of Benzinum petroleum (Petroleum raffinatum, unleaded fuel).

The proving showed a strong tendency toward hurry and acceleration. There was an urgency and heedlessness toward reaching his goals. This characterizes most of the homeopathic remedies made from fuels. The patient may be very materialistic. Additionally the theme of exploitation came out strongly. Symptoms included anger at being exploited as well as a desire to use power to cheat or exploit others. Aggression, anger and even vengeful feelings appear to be common.

Other symptoms of the proving were:

Exertion, Exhaustion, Indifference
Isolation, Depression
Confusion and Forgetfulness
Unsuccessful efforts
Suffocation, Pollution
Restlessness, Impatience, Postponement
Traveling, Speed, Racing, Overtaking
Power, Materialism, Selfishness
Shameless, Abuse, Confrontation
Deceived, Cheated, Accused, Threats, Conspiracies,Vengeance